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Description:Enterprise development planning
Description:Enterprise development planning
Enterprise development planning
Based on the top of the industry, to create a world brand.
To provide customers with advanced monitoring products and professional service guidance, do professional yuntai.
Meet the market demand, continue to create greater value for customers.

The enterprise culture
Tenet: people-oriented, create a win-win situation
Belief: quality is always the life of an
Values: development and co-creation, value sharing
Work attitude: absolute loyalty, strict execution
Production basis: production safety, compliance with rules and regulations
The development plan
Adhere to the market-oriented, actively expand the target regional market.
Improve the quality of existing employees, improve the satisfaction of employees and the enterprise.
Replicate and improve industry solutions based on existing success stories.
Within 3 years, the annual sales increase by 30 million.
Dedicated to research and development and production of professional yuntai, hd integrated Yuntai camera monitoring products.
Directional development of special monitoring products for various industries.
For each product quality priority, customer experience high.

Development goals
Three year plan:
Technology:Industry leading / sales:Break through one hundred million yuan
Five-year plan:
Integration of resources for the development of listed companies / Develop in every field
on the

On the basis of cloud platform specializing, make AI servo the forefront of the world.



"The most influential innovative security products" supplier ", "China's ten National security, brand" and other awards.


Has established more than 30 distributors in the country, with dozens of overseas agents.




Company headquarters telephone:022-58699999

Add: Huigu Science park, Xuefu Industrial Zone, Xiqing District, Tianjin

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