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Smart parking solutions

Smart parking solutions

1. Background overview
With the rapid development of automobile industry, the number of urban cars increases sharply, and parking has become a big problem hindering urban development. At the same time, with the busy and continuous development of transportation, people's requirements for parking are constantly improving, and they all hope to achieve convenient, fast and safe parking vehicles, which further deepens the demand for intelligent management of parking lots.
At present, there are many problems in the parking lot. First of all, the parking space is not utilized to the maximum. There is no parking space in the free parking space. Secondly, in terms of parking lot charging, inefficient traditional charging methods (change, return ticket, coin) often make vehicles stay in the charging area when the traffic flow is large, which limits the convenience of parking lot. The congestion of vehicles in the toll area not only wastes time, but also wastes a lot of resources and causes serious pollution. In order to improve the parking management level, the research and construction of intelligent parking management system is imperative.
And Ann technology, use of modern science and technology and on the basis of traffic development experience at home and abroad for reference, put forward the construction of city level wisdom parking solutions, the construction of intelligent interconnectivity, Shared data set, fine management efficient platform for the intelligent parking management, realize the static traffic and dynamic traffic system coordination, aimed at easing traffic congestion problems in urban, solve and improve the current situation of the "parking". To develop the electronic filing system for parking lots, conduct real-time supervision on the data networking of parking lots, provide administrative supervision services such as parking operation data and decision support, and meet the requirements of management departments; Provide parking guidance, parking information query, wrong parking, navigation, online payment and other services to meet the parking needs of the majority of car owners.
The status quo of China's traditional parking industry:
1) Large total gap: there are few cars and large gap in parking Spaces. It is conservatively estimated that the gap in parking Spaces in China exceeds 50 million.
2) The structure is scattered: it is mainly distributed, supplemented by the public and supplemented by the road side.
3) Scattered management: lack of specialization, low degree of concentration, scattered and disorderly. The allocated parking lots are mainly operated by owners and professional property management companies; Public parking lots are mainly contracted by professional parking management companies. The whole parking lot management industry is extremely dispersed. Take Beijing as an example, there are 6,581 registered parking lots, and the management side is more than 3,000.
4) Low level of intelligence: low level of intelligence, mainly charging for labor. Generally speaking, most parking lots in China still adopt the traditional control mode of swiping card and getting tickets, and the payment method is mainly manual.
The parking industry has many pain points, and the imbalance between supply and demand is serious:
1. Parking demand:
1) Hard to find, the average parking time is nearly 20 minutes: from the time it takes to find a parking space, the average is 18 minutes;
2) Poor parking experience: There are four prominent problems: slow access, difficulty in finding parking Spaces, difficulty in finding cars and queuing for payment.
2. Parking supply end:
1) High vacancy rate: Although there is a large gap between the supply and demand of parking Spaces, the vacancy rate of parking Spaces coexists, especially in underground parking Spaces;
2) High cost, low management efficiency, low intelligent level of parking lot: mainly manual management, the management level is basically 10-30 parking Spaces/person; With the rise of labor costs, labor management costs are high; The manual management mode also makes the phenomenon of "running and dripping dew" occur frequently. It is not unusual for toll collectors to conspired with car owners to open private bills and car owners to take advantage of loopholes to escape bills.
3. Government side:
1) The unified planning of the parking lot has not been achieved, the parking space resources have not been effectively managed and utilized, and there are still many management problems, which bring challenges to the management work of relevant departments.
2) Aggravating congestion and environmental pollution. On the one hand, parking difficulties lead to widespread violation of parking, worsening the urban traffic environment, causing traffic congestion and increasing the traffic accident rate. According to the survey, about 30% of traffic congestion in the city is caused by car owners looking for parking Spaces everywhere.
2. Architectural design
The construction process of city-level intelligent parking management platform is suggested to start from key areas and gradually popularize from point to piece according to the idea of unified planning, clear base, key demonstration and step-by-step implementation. The following is the overall framework of the smart parking management platform:
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