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Smart transportation solutions

Smart transportation solutions

1. Background overview
With the rapid development of urban economy, there is a sharp increase in traffic vehicles. Although the road infrastructure has been greatly improved, the traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, which leads to the increasing of police input and workload of traffic police.
To improve the situation, each city is gradually promoted important traffic crossing area real-time traffic image monitoring system, namely each important traffic in the city area image monitoring equipment installation, to the road traffic conditions through image transmission channels real-time uploaded to the command center, road monitoring center on duty personnel can timely understand the regional road situation accordingly in order to adjust the intersection vehicle Numbers to ensure smooth traffic, monitoring the road vehicle violation situation, timely discover and arrangement of road traffic accident handling, etc.
2. System characteristics
The system supports access to high pixel full HD camera or traditional STANDARD definition camera, which is convenient for deployment and protection of investment.
All vehicles passing through the monitored section or crossing can be captured. When the vehicle speed is within the range of 5km/h~180km/h, the vehicle image capture rate is greater than 95%.
It can automatically capture vehicle images and record vehicle passing information, including time, place, direction, number plate, vehicle type, speed, driving face image, etc.
With the speed detection function, it can realize the overspeed capture, the overspeed capture rate is not less than 95%, the effective rate of motor vehicle capture is not less than 90%, and there is no missing, wrong and wrong shooting, so as to avoid disputes in the process of law enforcement by traffic management departments.
The system can realize the automatic recognition function of motor vehicle number plate by positioning, character segmentation, character matching and image preprocessing. The number plate recognition rate is greater than 95% in the day and 90% at night.
In the capture photos can clearly reflect the vehicle characteristics and license plate information, and can clearly distinguish the driver's face image. The capture rate of driver's face image is more than 90% in lateral installation.
The system has the front hard disk and the back end center double backup storage mechanism to ensure the safety and efficiency of data. When the network fails, the data and images exist temporarily
On the hard disk, when the network recovery to continue transmission.
It has the active fault detection function implemented by hardware, which can make proper handling for the system software crash, hardware crash, system overheating, fan failure and other events to ensure the maximum availability of the system in unexpected situations.
3. System introduction
The system is divided into illegal monitoring system, traffic guidance system and traffic flow collection system.
Among them, the illegal monitoring system includes the illegal snapshot system for people running red lights, vehicle prohibition system, illegal parking automatic snapshot system, bayonet speed measurement system and panoramic high point monitoring system.
The traffic guidance system can release the traffic congestion situation in real time through the traffic detection camera, and can also detect the traffic congestion state through the average speed.
The traffic flow system can detect road congestion information such as average speed, headway, headway and lane occupancy, and can calculate road congestion status in real time to facilitate road traffic.
The information collected by the front-end acquisition system enters into the cloud storage system through the network. Through the back-end platform big data cloud computing server, it provides a variety of business applications such as vehicle management, traffic emergency command, traffic congestion clearing, traffic information release, vehicle inspection and control, and traffic signal control. The illegal data are uploaded to the public security image system of the Traffic Management Bureau through the private network. The public security image system of the Traffic Management Bureau can upload the illegal data to the Liuheyi platform of the Traffic management Bureau through the firewall.
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