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Smart pipe gallery solution

Smart pipe gallery solution

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The urban underground comprehensive pipe gallery is the underground space for the centralized transmission of urban pipelines. It is an engineering building buried in the stratum, which is dedicated to the erection of various pipelines, integrating electric power, communication, radio and television, water supply, heat supply, drainage and other pipelines, and constructing an intensive tunnel in the underground space of urban roads. When problems occur in such tunnels, they can be repaired directly in the pipe gallery without repeated excavation of urban roads. Here bears the lifeline of the city, once the failure or safety accident, will cause great loss to enterprises and society.
Daily utility tunnel inspection work is particularly important, the introduction of dynamic inspection robot technology for underground pipe rack, instead of manual inspection, within the pipe rack on electricity, water, surface appearance and real-time communication pipeline facilities fever situation analysis, and the hot gas pipeline leakage, water pipe burst based on the analysis of detection and diagnosis, auxiliary utility tunnel monitoring by means of the science and technology, to ensure the safety of social facilities property, provide the pipe gallery management efficiency.
Two, the present stage management gallery patrol inspection way
The disadvantages of on-line monitoring system are as follows:
There are surveillance blind spots
High-density deployments cost a lot of investment
There are many monitoring sensors and the cost of product maintenance is high
The disadvantages of manual inspection are as follows:
The intensity of manual patrol inspection is large and there are safety hidden dangers
Long-term underground work affects the physical and mental health of personnel
Depending on personnel experience, patrol inspection results are not reported in time
In view of the disadvantages of the above inspection methods and in combination with our existing technology research and development capabilities, we recommend the use of robot inspection system, which has the following advantages:
Reduce labor intensity, save labor cost, and ensure the safety of operators
Mobile monitoring platform, full coverage of the time area, active monitoring
Intelligent identification of instrument panel and switch status reading, automatic data entry, fast and convenient
Automatically generate reports, and real-time data analysis and trend judgment of the data, convenient for reporting and decision-making
May carry on the snapshot, has the chart to prove, facilitates after the event traces
The construction of smart cities will be seamless, and the operation and maintenance of corridors will be smarter and more comprehensive benefits will be achieved
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